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Reach Out Reptiles Experiences

NEW at Reach Out Reptiles: Join us for a fun, educational, unforgettable experience! We offer a variety of programs fit for different ages and groups. Pick the best fit for you from the selections below and let's get started!


In-Person Experiences

Click the box below to view descriptions and book one of our in-person experiences! We offer programs in our facility, including birthday parties and kids' experiences, and traveling programs for schools.


Virtual Experiences

Click the box below to view descriptions and book one of our virtual experiences! We offer virtual programs for all ages and levels of experience.


If you have booked one of our experiences and have been prompted to complete a safety waiver, please see the section below.

Experience Waiver

If you have booked a Reach Out Reptiles Experience, you and other participants may be asked to complete a safety waiver. When prompted, please fill out the form below prior to your planned experience.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our ambassador animals and follow us on our adventures!

Coming Soon...

​As we continue to grow, we plan on adding more experiences like:

  • In-person tours and experiences for adults

  • In-person field trips

  • and more!

Stay tuned!

See what people are saying about Reach Out Reptiles Experiences

"Hadley did an amazing job! I wasn’t expecting it to be that detailed of a presentation, it was great. I used to be scared of snakes but even I held a couple because she seemed so confident that they would stay calm if we stayed calm and were gentle with them. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it too, thanks again!"

     --- Chrissy D.    (In-Person Kids' Program)

"Garrett Hartle and Hadley were extremely personable and friendly, not to mention informative !!! We enjoyed seeing the differences in the snakes and we did decide to go with a his and hers- maybe at some point an “ours” as well. I can promise if you do the experience, your questions will be more than answered- maybe even some you didn’t think about! We cannot wait to make our purchase now- this was just a step in our journey and it was incredible!"

      --- Tonya B.    (Virtual Experience)

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