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Reach Out Reptiles
In-Person Experiences: Parties, Tours, School and Group Programs

NEW at Reach Out Reptiles: Visit us or let us visit you for a fun, educational, unforgettable experience! We offer a variety of in-person programs for kids of all ages and groups of all sizes. Pick the best fit for you and let's get started!

Please choose the "CLICK HERE" button located directly below your desired experience (each form is not the same).

School and Group Programs

Let our little "zoo" come to you for an unforgettable school day! We are offering small group, classroom, and assembly-style animal education programs to local schools, daycare centers, camps and more for children of all ages and group sizes. 

These programs involve presenting live animals such as reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, providing a unique opportunity for children to learn about and interact with often misunderstood animals, their environments, and ecosystems. The goal of these programs is to bring natural science into classrooms, connecting children to the natural world around them. 

We are offering programs that may be booked as assemblies by grand bands, designed to integrate core curriculum and SEL at the appropriate level of participating students. We are also offering programs suited to smaller, individual groups or classrooms. If you need a customized program, we have the flexibility to develop programs suited to the specific needs of you and your students.  

The general program timeline is as follows (but can be adjusted as needed):

  • 45 minutes-1 hour for set up/arrivals

  • 45 minutes* of presentation time

    • Introduction, best practices for safety

    • Meet the animals: interaction with various species; learn about their environment, ecosystem, and lifestyle

      • Animals may include: hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, American bullfrog, ball pythons, corn snakes, green anaconda, African house snakes, dwarf/superdwarf reticulated pythons

    • Reflection of presentation and final questions

    • Participants will get the chance to touch one final snake on their way out if time/space allows

    • *​additional time may be scheduled by request at additional cost

  • 30 minutes for break down

We are offering the following program package pricing for limited time, based on one-way mileage from our facility:

  • Small Group Programs (suitable for daycare centers, preschools, camps, etc.)

    • One Small Group Program (up to 15 children)​: 

      • $175 (0-30 miles)​​

      • $200 (31-60 miles)

    • Each additional Small Group Program (must be booked for same day)​:

      • $50 (0-30 miles)​

      • $50 (31-60 miles)

  • Classroom Programs (suitable for grades K-12)

    • One Classroom Program (up to 35 students):​

      • $200 (0-30 miles)​

      • $240 (31-60 miles)

    • Each additional Classroom Program (must be booked for same day):

      • $90 (0-30 miles)​

      • $110 (31-60 miles)

  • Assembly Programs​ (suitable for large groups, ages 5+)

    • One Assembly Program:

      • $395 (0-30 miles)

      • $425 (31-60 miles)

    • Each additional Assembly Program (must be booked for same day):​

      • $125 (0-30 miles)​

      • $145 (31-60 miles)


The program cost includes two presenters for the entirety of the program, a minimum of 6 live animals, and an interactive, hands-on presentation. 

Submit an inquiry form and we'll get back to you via the email you provide to finalize the details. Please note that this form serves as a request. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation notice from us.

Click below to get started!

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In-person Programs for Kids

Bring your children, sports team, play group, scout troop, youth group (or really any young animal-lovers!) to Reach Out Reptiles for a unique experience! This hands-on program is customizable for any age group and will connect young learners to nature and animals (especially snakes!). 

During their time at the Reach Out Reptiles' facility, participants will engage in an interactive presentation, meet various live animals (like snakes, invertebrates, and amphibians), have many photo opportunities, and have a chance to tour the snake room* (*based group size, age, and availability). 

We are offering 60 or 90 minute programs with Hadley for $200 or $250 respectively for a limited time. You can request specific nature or animal-related topics to fit your program needs, or you can leave the planning up to us. We can accommodate group sizes with up to 40 participants (as long as the PA adult to child safety ratio is met). 

Submit an inquiry form and we'll get back to you via the email you provide to finalize the details. Please note that this form serves as a request. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation notice from us. 

Click below to get started!

Birthday Parties

Cake, presents, balloons---sounds like a typical birthday party. Add some animals to the mix---now you have the best celebration ever! Throw a party like no other here at Reach Out Reptiles. 

Kids of all ages will enjoy a 60 minute interactive presentation with various live animals (like snakes, invertebrates, and amphibians) with the chance for photos, animal handling, Q&A, and a facility tour afterwards. The general party timeline is as follows (but can be adjusted as needed):

  • 30 minutes for your set up/arrivals

  • 60 minutes for our interactive animal presentation

  • 30 minutes for photos, snake handling, Q&A, facility tour (if desired and as available)

  • 60 minutes for food, presents, or any other activities you have planned

  • 30 minutes for clean up

We will supply a private space, tables, chairs, and garbage cans/bags. Some suggested items to bring are food, drinks, party decorations, table cloths, cups, plates, silverware, napkins, etc. The animal presentation will be held in a separate room from the party/food room.

We are offering the following party packages for limited time:

  • a 3.5 hour package, with up to 25 guests for $350

  • a 3.5 hour package, with 26-40 guests for $450

        *(the guest count will include adults and children over the age of 2)

        **(there must be enough adults present to reach the minimum PA adult to child safety ratio)

If additional or less time is desired, please include your request in your inquiry form.

Submit an inquiry form and we'll get back to you via the email you provide to finalize the details. Please note that this form serves as a request. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation notice from us.

Click below to get started!

Ask us about Facility Tours! 

Whether you're yearning to see our facility, meet the staff, see our collection, or possibly pick out a snake of your own, a facility tour is an exciting experience for any reptile fanatic! Pricing starts at $200 for 60 minutes or $225 for 90 minutes. Contact Hadley for scheduling and more details. 

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our ambassador animals and follow us on our adventures!

Coming Soon...

​As we continue to grow, we plan on adding more experiences like:

  • Traveling parties

  • In-person field trips

  • and more!

Stay tuned!

See what people are saying about Reach Out Reptiles Experiences

"Hadley did an amazing job! I wasn’t expecting it to be that detailed of a presentation, it was great. I used to be scared of snakes but even I held a couple because she seemed so confident that they would stay calm if we stayed calm and were gentle with them. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it too, thanks again!"

     --- Chrissy D.    (In-Person Kids' Program)

"Garrett Hartle and Hadley were extremely personable and friendly, not to mention informative !!! We enjoyed seeing the differences in the snakes and we did decide to go with a his and hers- maybe at some point an “ours” as well. I can promise if you do the experience, your questions will be more than answered- maybe even some you didn’t think about! We cannot wait to make our purchase now- this was just a step in our journey and it was incredible!"

      --- Tonya B.    (Virtual Experience)

"Cannot stress this enough...have a ROR experience however possible!!! They're doing the reptile community right! Very knowledgeable and genuine! I believe ROR is one of the best in the industry regarding the conservation and evolution for the reptiles we love!"

     --- Chris H.    (In-Person Tour)

"My wife and I took our 8yo daughter to ROR for a private tour for her birthday. Garrett was an amazing host who, while keeping it fun and light for our daughter, still managed to deliver a ton of knowledge to us. I think we saw almost every snake there and got to handle many of them as well. My daughter told me it was the best birthday ever!"

     --- Paul M.    (In-Person Tour)

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