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Reach Out Reptiles
Virtual Experiences

NEW at Reach Out Reptiles: Join us for a fun, educational, unforgettable experience! We offer a variety of virtual programs fit for different ages and groups. Pick the best fit for you and let's get started!

Please choose the "CLICK HERE" button located directly below your desired experience (each form is not the same).


Virtual Experiences for Adults


Need some more ROR in your life? Have some burning questions for us? Prospective keeper or breeder? Increase your Super Dwarf knowledge through one of our customizable virtual experiences to see our facility, meet our staff, hang out with snakes, and more.


We are offering 60 or 90 minute Zoom sessions with an ROR staff member for $115 or $165 respectively for a limited time. You can choose the topics for your experience or leave it up to us. You may invite as many participants as you want for your Zoom session, but we suggest no more than 6 people to keep your experience personalized. 

If you'd like to have Garrett as your virtual host, he is offering 90 minute consultation calls for $295. Please specify if you would like this option in the inquiry form. 


Submit an inquiry form and we’ll get back to you via the email you provide to finalize the details. Please note that this form serves as a request. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation notice from us.


Click below to get started!


Virtual Experiences for Kids

Do you have kids in your life that love animals? Looking for an entertaining, educational event for them? Take a walk on the wild side and book a Reach Out Reptiles Kids' Virtual Experience! 

This experience is customizable based on the age and group size of the participants and is great for an educational program to complement school curriculum, an unforgettable virtual field trip, a fun addition to your classroom or child's party, and more. The participants will learn about nature, animals, and meet a variety of snakes, invertebrates, and amphibians. 

We are offering 45-60 minute Zoom session programs for $95 (on weekdays between 9:00 am - 5:30 pm) or $145 (on nights & weekends). You can request specific nature or animal-related topics to fit your program needs, or you can leave the planning up to us. We can accommodate any size group for this type of Virtual Experience, but smaller groups allow for more personal interaction and Q&A time. For larger groups, we will provide an email to send additional questions that were not addressed during the program. 

Submit an inquiry form and we'll get back to you via the email you provide to finalize the details. Please note that this form serves as a request. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation notice from us.

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Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our ambassador animals and follow us on all our adventures!

Coming Soon...

​As we continue to grow, we plan on adding more experiences like:

  • In-person tours and experiences for adults

  • In-person field trips

  • and more!

Stay tuned!

See what people are saying about Reach Out Reptiles Experiences

"Hadley did an amazing job! I wasn’t expecting it to be that detailed of a presentation, it was great. I used to be scared of snakes but even I held a couple because she seemed so confident that they would stay calm if we stayed calm and were gentle with them. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it too, thanks again!"

     --- Chrissy D.  (In-Person Kids' Program)

"Garrett Hartle and Hadley were extremely personable and friendly, not to mention informative !!! We enjoyed seeing the differences in the snakes and we did decide to go with a his and hers- maybe at some point an “ours” as well. I can promise if you do the experience, your questions will be more than answered- maybe even some you didn’t think about! We cannot wait to make our purchase now- this was just a step in our journey and it was incredible!"

      --- Tonya B.    (Virtual Experience)

"Cannot stress this enough...have a ROR experience however possible!!! They're doing the reptile community right! Very knowledgeable and genuine! I believe ROR is one of the best in the industry regarding the conservation and evolution for the reptiles we love!"

     --- Chris H.    (In-Person Tour)

"My wife and I took our 8yo daughter to ROR for a private tour for her birthday. Garrett was an amazing host who, while keeping it fun and light for our daughter, still managed to deliver a ton of knowledge to us. I think we saw almost every snake there and got to handle many of them as well. My daughter told me it was the best birthday ever!"

     --- Paul M.    (In-Person Tour)

"We had the most amazing experience with Reach Out Reptiles for my son's 8th birthday party. They were so organized, knowledgeable, and amazing with the kids. My son had so much fun and him and his friends stayed very engaged during the entire presentation thanks to the wonderful staff. The entire process from booking to the day of went so smooth and was incredibly simple. Thank you ROR for hosting an unforgettable birthday for my son!"

     --- Tess T.     (Birthday Party)

"Our group had toddlers, primary aged kids, teens and adults. Everyone enjoyed the presentation! Getting to hold snakes and cockroaches was a highlight for everyone. The presentations of facts about each snake was entertaining. All forty of us give our field trip experience five stars!"

     --- Kate M.    (In-Person Kids Program)

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