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WC Pure Karompa (Duesenberg)


WC Pure Karompa (Fanny)

Duesenberg met Fanny and it was love at first sight!  This guy brought in fresh Karompa lineage to a very small population of adults here in the US.  Even though it is a small clutch, the Duesenberg lineage will live on with these three fine looking pure Karompas.  


Hatch date: February 4, 2022

Resulting Babies:

100% Pure Karompa

(Males 5-7', Females 7-8')


You can share your baby's progress and see their siblings grow by following the hashtag #CL22002 and using it every time you post new photos on your social media. Be sure to tag #Reachoutreptiles as well to stay connected with your extended snake family. Click the icons below to start following this clutch now! 


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