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75% Kalatoa
Anery Platinum
"Krispy Kreme" (9')


87.5% Kalatoa
Het Anery (9')

Here is an interesting clutch that you have heard us talk about before but this is the first time we have offered them publicly for sale. The "Krispy Kreme" look is a genetically inheritable trait that we are still working to figure out exactly what all it can do, and what the mode of inheritance truly is. Its named for the cascading donut- like pattern, especially on the neck- which Garrett thought looked like donuts being glazed on a conveyor belt the first time he saw it.  This trait is coming from a specific Kalatoa bloodline hatched at Metcalf Reptiles.  You can see "Krispy Kreme" here in Platinum and Anery with the added benefit of them being super high percentage  SD!  


Hatch date: February 3, 2022

Resulting Babies:

81.25% Kalatoa

100% Het Anery

(Males 7-9’, Females 8-10’)


You can share your baby's progress and see their siblings grow by following the hashtag #CL22001 and using it every time you post new photos on your social media. Be sure to tag #Reachoutreptiles as well to stay connected with your extended snake family. Click the icons below to start following this clutch now! 


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