When it comes to social distancing, learn from the best! Island dwelling reptiles have made a lifestyle of getting away from everybody else, and keeping everyone else away from them if they can’t take the hint.


Whenever flu season hits, it’s a good idea to sport a constant reminder for people that obviously care more about hugs than health. It also helps during other times of the year to ward off all those pesky friendly people or unwelcome advances.


BONUS: This item also doubles as emergency toilet paper!


Features a hand drawn design by wildlife artist Adeline Robinson of an actual Super Dwarf Reticulated Python in the hand of breeder Garrett Hartle on the left leg, and Reach Out Reptiles Logo down the right leg.


87% Polyester brushed suede / 13% Spandex (actual color may vary slightly from what is shown)


Skinny Fit

Runs true to size

White thread color

Social Distancing Snake Leggings