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As many of you know, Reach Reptiles has suspended our live arrival guarantee due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the unique situation that currently faces the FedEx system. The current times have been compared to Christmas season at its peak, where FedEx is understaffed, with a large number of online orders, and utilizing temporary staff members to fill in the gaps in their workforce. This set of circumstances all adds up to an increase risk in shipping live animals. With the Dwarf and Superdwarf hatching season coinciding almost perfectly with the beginning of the COVID-19 impact, up until this point we have shipped out virtually zero animals to customers, in the interest of our babies safety. I would like to thank all of the incredible people who form Reach Out Reptiles customer base during this time, as the overwhelming majority have shown exemplary patience and understanding during this difficult time.  We ship exclusively with either Delta Dash or Ship Your Reptiles, and Delta is not excepting live animals at all, while Ship Your Reptiles has suspended on time arrival guarantees due to a large increase in delays. We have used Ship Your Reptiles risk assessment as a guideline for when that would be safe. That means we are currently housing, feeding, and providing individual care for every single hatchling to come from the 30+ clutches we have had this year.  While Ship Your Reptiles still does not offer on time arrival guarantees, they have been able to identify the most common areas within the FedEx system where delays and mixed up shipments have occurred.  Based on the identification of these “Red Zones”, we have been working on adapting our system to begin shipping while minimizing the risk to our animals.  We will continue to offer holding animals free of charge for any customers who prefer to wait, but we feel that utilizing the following steps, and working together with our customers, that we can arrive at a “new normal” for safely shipping live animals.


We began to test FedEx operating systems by shipping and receiving animals of our own, and to our own risk to and from close business associates and breeders who understand the common pitfalls of live animal shipping, and who are competent in minimizing that risk whether sending or receiving. 


We will eliminate shipping through the most commonly backed up areas or red zones by only offering shipping Monday and Tuesday for arrival Tuesday or Wednesday at FedEx ship Center‘s or hubs only, no residential or 3rd party business deliveries.


We have completely redesigned our shipping supplies and box system, maximizing the rigidity and length of temperature control and buffering within the system to plan for extended shipping times, so that animals remain safe even in the event of a delay. Within the next two weeks, we will have received all of our new supplies to make this possible.


With the cooperation of our customers, we will schedule shipments in waves over the next few weeks, starting with the oldest and most established animals, which pose the least risk in case of any unforeseen delays. Shipments will be scheduled and coordinated with our customers to be set for receiving times in which each customer is able to provide the maximum flexibility for pick up in case of any delays.


Any customers wishing to continue to hold off shipping until Ship Your Reptiles again begins to offer on time arrival may request that we continue to care for their animals completely free of charge, as our way of saying thank you for your patience and understanding, and for putting your animals safety before personal immediate gratification of receiving your new family member.

Thank you again to all of our amazing customers, supporters, and fans. In the midst of this difficult time, your patience and understanding is a testament to your character and your faith in us as your Dwarf and Superdwarf Breeder.


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