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F1 Madu (Manly)


F1 Madu

Madus (aka Honey Island) locality Retics are among the three smallest localities of Retics in the world along side Kalatoas and Karompas. Exceedingly rare in the United States, this clutch represents only the third time we have managed to produce this locality, after many years trying to establish our adult breeders.  Our adult animals from this line have also been known to produce Anerys when bred into known Anery blood lines. 


Madu Island lies just to the south of Kalatoa on the map, and nearly all the original habitat on this island has been cleared by the locals for coconut production.  Once commonly imported, adult Madus are now rarely if not ever seen coming in from the wild.  The little information we possess shows that these animals may be the most at risk population of all dwarf and super dwarf localities. 

Hatch date: April 12, 2022

Resulting Babies:

100% Madu

(Males 5-7', Females 6-8')


You can share your baby's progress and see their siblings grow by following the hashtag #CL22011 and using it every time you post new photos on your social media. Be sure to tag #Reachoutreptiles as well to stay connected with your extended snake family. Click the icons below to start following this clutch now! 


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