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Sun platty Tiger 210190.jpg
75%SDPhantom Sire.jpg

75% SD Phantom het Anery

37.5% Jampea Sunfire Platinum Tiger het Anery


While she may not be the highest percentage Dwarf Reticulated Python on paper, our friend Andrew Acevedo's twice proven Sunfire Platinum Tiger het Anery female has great genetics and has remained very small through out her life.  Once we discovered accidentally last year that Andrew's high percent Super Dwarf Phantom from the Madu bloodlines we maintain proved to be het Anery, it was a no brainer to put these magnificent animals together in a clutch of beautiful silvery blue babies with five different mutations.  We love Jampea/Madu crosses, don't you? 

Hatch date: March 19, 2021

Resulting Babies:  

37.5% SD, 18.75% Dwarf    

66% Poss Het Anery

(Males 8-9’, Females 9-11’)    


You can share your baby's progress and see their siblings grow by following the hashtag #CL21010 and using it every time you post new photos on your social media. Be sure to tag #Reachoutreptiles as well to stay connected with your extended snake family. Click the icons below to start following this clutch now! 


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