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210011 Lavender 2_3.jpg

75% Kalatoa/12.5% Jampea Anery

 het Purple

50% Jampea Lavender


Snow reticulated pythons are the visual representation of both Anery and Albino on a single animal.  While its no easy task to produce these double recessive mutations, this project has proven to be one of the best lasting value reptile projects in any species!  The bloodline you see here is the recreation of this project from the ground up using one of the most advanced sixth generation hand chosen super dwarf Anery het Albino males owned and produced by Richard Bilbo and out crossed to a completely unrelated original Jampea line Albino female bred by Jim Jolley with the boldest pattern we could find.  The goal in this breeding was to diversify bloodlines for future stock while simultaneously taking the best pattern to the boldest color. 

The babies produced in this pairing should grow into some of the most jaw dropping snow project animals to date. At 68.75% total Dwarf and Superdwarf lineage these will be an excellent addition to any collection revolving around one or both of these classic recessive projects.  

Hatch date: January 22, 2021

Resulting Babies:

37.5% Kalatoa, 31.25% Jampea

100% Het Anery, 100% Het Albino

(Males 8-10’, Females 11-13’)


You can share your baby's progress and see their siblings grow by following the hashtag #CL21001 and using it every time you post new photos on your social media. Be sure to tag #Reachoutreptiles as well to stay connected with your extended snake family. Click the icons below to start following this clutch now! 


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